Family and Friends,

Here we are once again, at the end of one year and the beginning of 2017, hard to believe. When I was a child that seemed like forever and now forever is here!!! Glad to be alive and well and corresponding with each of you. This year has been filled with family, community service, school activities, church, and friends, some happiness and some sadness. I have not travelled much this year, just stayed close to home. The new year holds a wealth of promise for our area and as most of you know I am all over that and try to help anyway I can. Our little part of paradise has been fortunate to have rain when we needed it, crops that were good and new businesses popping up all over the place. The City of Norton has had so many signs of progress this past year and we are all very thankful to be a part of the transition. The hospital has expanded their services and at last count we had five doctors and medical personnel to compliment their services. Economic Development has a new director and going strong with housing and long range planning for the county. Hansen Foundation has expanded their giving and direction for Northwest Kansas with an office in Norton, Almena State Bank built a new bank on Hwy 36, Walter & Walter built a new law office, McClymont Law remodeled his building, Heaton buildings have filled all of their spaces with new or existing businesses. Ag Valley continues to grow bigger and bigger and Natoma has new leaders as does New Age. We have several restaurants and a new event Center in the downtown area and Highway 36 received a new facelift, as did Love’s. Most importantly, the schools were able to build on and enlarge areas that have been needed for so long, I can look across the street and see happy children playing on new playground equipment every day, what a marvelous sound and sight. Valley Hope has a new CEO and they are creating a new parking lot and renovations to the facility, Blighted areas are being cleaned up and of course we think we have found the end of the rainbow in Norton. Our family grew by one this year, a great grandson, all eight of the grands are doing fine and all ten of the greats the same. My kids are wonderful don’t know how I could have ever stood the loss of their Dad without their support and love and to my many friends who bless my life everyday, thank you and best wishes for your Christmas and the new year.

Rose Garrison –

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