Network Design - MCS

Design your Network – Get access to your data, anytime, from any location.

Our business model is unique as we handle aspects of your IT infrastructure.  Let us setup your Active Directory network, switches, servers, workstations, firewalls, domain setup, email servers and/or hosted email services.

We handle all apsects of this setup, no need to bring in 5 to 15 people to do seperate parts of the job, we handle it all for you and get IT professionals involved to help with any needed outsourced projects with your unique software vendors.  Your job is to use your technology, not to make it work.  Let us take care of all the vendors, hardware and setup headaches.

Wireless, Cellular, Wired, VPN and all Office Connectivity

MCS has years of experience in the design of your entire communications system.  From purchasing a domain name for your email service to wiring your office and configuring your wireless network so you can use your cell phone to check your email and giving you access to your data from anywhere in the world.  If we don’t know, we connect with vendor experts to tailer and custom configure your EXACT environment for your exact needs.


MCS works with all types of backup media, from Enterprise level backups to keep all your servers backed up and even in the cloud to workstation backups to external hard drives that are replicated offsite, it can all be done so you are covered and your data is available for emergencies.

Network Administration Services - MCS
Computer Training - MCS

Technology Training Services / Friendly IT Experience

MCS offers personal one on one IT consulting that many companies cannot offer.  You deal with the professionals who make it happen and not a team who contact another team to get it done. Our 20+ years experience in this business explains itself with a friendly, professsional and knowledable discussion with someone who not only can listen to your needs, but has fulffiled those needs for other customers just like you.  We give big city service with the small town, trusted support you can expect.

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